Dryer Venting: A Fire Hazard to Consider!

Who told you that fires caused by a clogged dryer vent are a myth? There are a number of these fires every year. Why do they happen? It’s simple: the appliance tends to overheat and emit sparks, which fall on the caked lint often caused by a clogged duct. Flames appear, and continuous airflow from the dryer feeds the fire, making the situation worse…

If your dryer’s duct system is so long that you can’t afford to check it, call a professional: he will know how to clean it properly. A dryer cleaning by specialists every four years is a must in condominiums.

Signals Not To be Overlooked…

An overheated dryer that stops, a drying period that is too long, a fuse that burns out in the appliance… If you have at least one of these inconveniences, don’t hesitate to call a professional urgently to clean the duct. It is possible that the blockage is only partial. Don’t wait until the situation gets worse! Otherwise, you will regret the consequences, which could be both material and financial!

With the help of a few valuable tips, your dryer will not have any problems:

First of all, it is advisable to regularly empty the lint basket that is located inside the appliance. Always keep an eye on your machine when it is in use. If the switch is ever broken, the unit could run continuously and eventually become damaged.

A smoke detector should be installed near the dryer, and no flammable materials should be left near it. Use an aluminum fitting at the back of the unit.

The duct that connects the dryer to the external opening of the house must not have any sign of crushing to avoid a possible obstruction. During the spring season and before winter, clean the external outlet of your dryer with a vacuum cleaner. Avoid vinyl ducts: their non-rigid surface is ideal for the accumulation of textile fibers and their plastic material melts under heat if there a fire outbreak.

Another tip… There is an easy way to find out how dirty your dryer’s duct system is: If you see any lint build-up, large or small, on the walls of the lint screen, take action right away.

Important: It is vital to maintain your dryer venting if it is curvy and long enough to accumulate dust.

Dryer maintenance in the workplace: a low investment!

Most dryers have a central duct (which is easy to maintain) to exhaust air. Although your dryer’s filter traps most of the lint, regular cleaning of the exhaust duct, as well as the hoses on the backside, is a must to avoid waste build-up over time.

A section-by-section cleaning is the most convenient in terms of simplicity and economy. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Periodic dryer vent maintenance every three years pays off: faster drying of fabrics, longer-lasting appliances, and even lower energy bills.

Damage prevention is important!

We mentioned earlier that dryer fires caused by unmaintained ducts are common; preventable incidents, which hit condominiums and large buildings (especially older buildings) hard, as well as structures that concentrate a large number of these machines. Prevention is quite simple: periodic maintenance of the machine’s ductwork.

At home, if the ductwork is short, all you need for maintenance is a simple vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, if the duct is long, you’ll need to call a professional.

When dryer ducts are long and winding in a building, lint build-up is more pronounced. However, if you call in a specialized company to do the maintenance at a frequency of, at most, five years, you can have peace of mind.