Air conditioning, heat pump, capacitors

It is ESSENTIAL to have your air conditioner or wall-mounted heat pump cleaned!

Do you know how important it is to properly clean these appliances? This can present a potential health risk and the accumulation of dirt or dust inside your air conditioner or heat pump will reduce their performance.

Risks for your health

Molds can take various forms of allergens or irritations and can be toxic and infectious. Allergic reactions mainly affect the bronchial tubes and manifest as a cough, difficulty breathing and sometimes asthma. Mold is made up of volatile organic particles that wander around in a poorly maintained air conditioner, combined with fungal spores. The throat, eyes and nose therefore become irritated affecting your respiratory system.

Presence of bacteria and fungal organisms in air conditioners

Energy saving

The accumulation of dust and dirt inside your device considerably reduces its performance. A poorly maintained or poorly maintained system uses a lot more energy, up to 25% more electricity.

How do we see if our air conditioner needs cleaning?

It’s easy to see if your air conditioner needs cleaning. Look inside your device using a flashlight. By opening the fins you will be able to see if particles or dirt have accumulated inside. Another way to conclude that your air conditioner needs cleaning is if you detect any odor when you put it into operation. Even a slight accumulation of dust and dirt can reduce the efficiency of your device by 30 to 70% and cause serious health problems for the occupants of the premises.

Breathe better air!

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