Did you know that lack of maintenance for dryer ducts is the third leading cause of fire in a home? The external exhaust valve must be checked regularly, as particles and other dirt escaping from the filter can become lodged in it and thus obstruct the flaps of the valve, making it impossible to close. Cold air, birds or rodents can infiltrate and cause damage or fire. Since a dryer drains 3 to 5 liters of water per cycle, maintaining it from the air exhaust ducts is important to prevent water buildup in the laundry room. Several factors play a crucial role in determining the frequency required for the maintenance of your dryer. The specialists at Rousso can recommend a personalized maintenance schedule adapted to your needs. The maintenance schedule takes into account your use, your installation (number of elbows) as well as the material used in the walls and ceilings of your residence. Regular maintenance not only improves the performance of your dryer but also extends its life while saving energy. Clean dryer pipes wick away moisture better, and this allows for a shorter drying cycle! You will save up to $ 200 a year on your bills.


Lack of maintenance is the main cause of dryer fires, lint being named as the first material to catch fire.

Preventing a fire –
lint is a material of fire

Lint buildup in your dryer duct will overheat your appliance and the safety thermal fuse will activate. If the flue is not cleaned regularly, the lint builds up and the thermal fuse can be damaged and possibly cause a dryer fire. More than 15,000 household fires occur each year from an uncleaned dryer hose. This is why some insurance companies require regular cleaning.

3 warning signs that show you an urgent need for maintenance:


5 good reasons for cleaning the dryer duct: