Important news: Rousso A/C & Heat pumps is ready!

It is with great enthusiasm that we can finally announce the new Rousso Group 2022 project! It was imperative to wait for everything to be in place, but now we are very happy to unveil the opening of our new division: Rousso A/C & Heat pumps!

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Groupe Rousso is a company that has been offering various turnkey decontamination services since 1970. More specifically, the services offered include various cleaning interventions for ventilation, heating and air conditioning networks. The Rousso Group also specializes in the decontamination of building frameworks and structures. However, since 2013, the company has focused its activities on the specific area of cleaning air ducts, clothes dryers and wall-mounted air conditioning systems in order to maintain air quality for its customers. Thanks to its experience, its reliability and the quality of its customer service, Groupe Rousso has experienced rapid growth in recent years throughout Quebec. In addition, the company has diversified its service offering by integrating the microbial and sanitary decontamination of heating and ventilation networks from 2019. This new service has become important for the company given the current conditions of the pandemic.

Over the years, Groupe Rousso has also developed expertise in air conditioning. Our experts have sold or recommended many heat pumps to our customers. However, the sale and installation of heat pumps or air conditioners were not the company’s main services. Seeing the demand grow, it was imperative for Groupe Rousso to take into account the interests of its customers and consider developing a new project. It is precisely for this reason that we have developed a team entirely dedicated to the sale, installation and after-sales service of heat pumps and air conditioners.

What is Rousso A/C & Heat Pumps?

To support its expansion, the organization has developed a new division entirely dedicated to the sale and installation of heat pumps, thus Rousso A/C & Thermopompe is managed independently from the Rousso Group and has its own dynamic team. In other words, this business project offers turnkey services for the sale and installation of heat pumps. Therefore, the customer will not have to worry about the transport and installation of the equipment. Our experts can advise you on a certain model of wall-mounted heat pump or air conditioner that suits your home conditions and meets your specific needs. Thereafter, we will offer you a time slot that coincides with your availability so that you can come and install the device as soon as possible. Given the experience of our technicians and the confidence we place in our quality devices, parts and labor are guaranteed for 10 years. Thus, our customers can be reassured, they can contact us immediately if there is any need.

Do not wait any longer !

In conclusion, a team dedicated to your air conditioning needs was formed before the arrival of summer. Looking forward to welcoming you and doing business with you! Do not hesitate to leave us comments in private or directly on Google, because our goal is to improve our services every day.

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