Legionellosis: This type of bacteria is fond in your homes!

Legionellosis: This type of bacteria is fond in your homes!

  • 31 Aug

This type of bacteria is found in your homes. The bacteria develops in natural or artificial freshwater systems ans in an organic medium favorable to their development (spas, air conditioners, heat pumps, ventilation system, etc. )rich in iron, zinc, aluminum.

Legionellosis ins an infectious disease caused by a hydro-land-based bacteria.

The best known Legionellaceae is Legionella pneumphila. Mold-related health damage may present itself in different forms of symptoms such as: allergies, irritations, toxic and infectious. Allergic reactions mainly affect the bronchi and manifested by coughing, wheezing and asthma…The various volatile organic compounds emitted by growing mold in your poorly maintained air conditioner, combined with fungal particles are responsible for symptoms eye irritation, nose and throat. Our process of microbiological disinfection could be interesting, right? Few people are aware of the importance to clean this devices. In addition to presenting a potential health risk, the accumulation of dirt inside the much reduced performance of these devices.

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