Microbiological Cleaning

Did you know that getting your air conditioning or your heat pump cleaned is required!

People’s awareness level is very low when it comes to the importance of cleaning these equipments. In addition of presenting a potential health risk, the dirt accumulated inside these units reduces their overall technical performance.

  • Health Risk
  • Energy savings
  • Unit needs a good cleaning?
  • Keeping the warranty valid
  • I am cleaning it myself
  • What will Rousso’s peoples do?
  • mold and bacterias are really gone?

chartHealth Risk

Health issues linked to mold can take different forms, they can be allergic, rash, toxic or infectuous. Allergics reactions are mainly directed to the bronchi where they provoke coughing and possibly asthma… The organic volatile composites issued by the growing mold in your unclean air conditioninng unit, linked with fungal particles, could be responsible for eyes, nose and throat irritation symptoms.

Energy savings

In addition of representing a real health risk, dirt accumulation inside the unit reduces greatly his overall performance. A system with no or little maintenance uses much more electricity with an added consumption of up to 25%.

How to determine if my air conditioning unit or heat pump needs a good cleaning?

Open the front blades and look inside the unit with a flashlight. If you see accumulated particles on the vent roll or if you smell an odor when you start the unit, your air conditioning definetely needs cleaning. Dust accumulation can diminish the unit performance as much as 30% to 70% and cause serious health problems for you and your family.

Breathe better air!

All over Quebec, for new air conditioning or heat pump installation and cleaning, trust the Rousso experts.
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Keeping the warranty valid

Moreover, heat pump and air conditioning unit manufacturers are asking, in order to keep the warranty valid, that their equipment should be maintained at least once a year by a qualified enterprise. Non respect of the above mentioned procedures can lead to a void of warranty on the unit and the compressor.

I am cleaning it myself

Most people met will tell us that they do their monthly maintenance by cleaning the air conditioning or heat pump filters. A very important step, for sure! However this represent only a superficial measure because unit owners don’t have access inside the unit where dirt, mold and basterias are accumulated.

What will Rousso’s peoples do when they clean up my air conditioning unit or heat pump?

Rousso is one of the only company that uses steam at more than 173 degrees Celcuis(340 degrees Farenheit) to insure you a complete elimination of mold and bacterias. With these specialized equipments Rousso will begin by covering up your unit to prevent any mess inside your house, then remove the front panel of the unit to get access to the inside portion where they will perform the following tasks:

  • Nettoyage de l’évaporateur
  • Nettoyage de rouleau souffleur
  • Nettoyage de la panne a drain
  • Nettoyage du tuyau de drain
  • Asperger l’unité d’anti bactérien
  • Lecture de la vitesse de la soufflerie*
  • Lecture des températures d’efficacité
  • Nettoyage du condenseur extérieur**

*before and after the cleaning.
**if accessible from the ground.

We will take up to 3 hours to accomplish the steps required to provide you with an in-depth cleaning. Verify what our competition offers you when they claim the same service can be done within an hour or less.

Are you sure that all the mold and bacterias are really gone?

Are you sure that you are getting for your money’s worth?
At home, the health and welfare of my family and myself are of the upmost importance. That’s why I trust noboby except the Rousso experts to clean my heat pump year after year.marc

Only Rousso could prove me that, with their steam system operating at more than 170 Degrees Celcius and with their specially concieved ecological products that destroys mold and bacterias, we are in complete safety while enjoying the confort of our heat pump.

Thorough and very well equipped , they ensure me of a complete decontamination of my heat pump. What more can I ask?

One of the only true steam cleaning specialist for air conditioning units and heat pumps
Thanks to Rousso, to make us breathe better air.

farmI trust Rousso, but not only at home.

The health and welfare of my friends and customers are also very important to me. That’s why I did put my trust again in Rousso for the climatisation and heating of my business the Theatre la Marjolaine.

For every season to come la Marjolaine will be fresh, thanks to Rousso’s expertise. The theater, who will now be heated and climatized will bring the wanted confort to all my customers.

For sure, Rousso will do the annual cleaning of these newly installed units to make sure that everyone enjoys their show in the confort provided by them.

Thanks to Rousso, to make us breathe better air.

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