Mold eradication

Rousso with its Air Pur Solutions division offers you a service specializing in the decontamination and eradication of molds in residences and at the foundation. APS also offers a cleaning and decontamination service to follow up on a plantation or exposure to cannabis (Hydroponics). These two spheres of intervention are executed in a strict and rigorous framework and give rise to a clear engineering estimate with a detailed intervention protocol, followed by a certificate of conformity at the end of the work and a transferable guarantee to the new 10 year old owners. We also offer turnkey solutions for corrective action resolution and remediation in residential, commercial or institutional settings.

Did you know that mold can grow in just 3 days, in an atmosphere of more than 60% humidity and can affect your health in different ways.

Here is a list of possible effects on your health:

  • Bleeding or runny nose
  • Sneezing, coughing
  • Abnormal shortness of breath
  • Irritation, burning, redness, itchy eyes
  • Irritation, burning, secretions in the throat
  • Irritation, burning, nasal congestion
  • Feeling of fever
  • Stunning, tiredness
  • Noisy breathing following an influenza or other
  • Insomnia, drowsiness
  • Rash (redness, pimples, patches), skin irritation
  • Unusual headaches
  • Nervousness, unexplained irritability
  • Frequent and important memory losses
  • Concentration disorder
  • Unexplained muscle pain, decreased physical ability

If you spot a mold-affected area in your property, attic, basement, basement bathroom, or if your property has been affected by cannabis cultivation, contact one of our experts immediately.