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Did You Know?

  • 90% of guests would never stay at a hotel with an unpleasant smell a second time
  • 50-70% of energy use comes from heating and air conditioning within the hospitality industry

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts?

It is recommended that you thoroughly clean your ducts every 3 years, in order to prevent deterioration of air quality.

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Time to breathe better air!

Rousso is one of the only companies to use steam at more than 173oC to insure complete elimination of mold and bacterias.

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Trust the experts

For over 40 years Rousseau Réfrigération has been known for its expertise in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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Very satisfiedWhat’s more important than the air you breathe?

ATTENTION : Hotel Owners, General Managers and Maintenance Leaders;

Rousso is dedicated to extraordinary service solutions that enhance value and extend the useful life of the equipment we maintain.

Rousso is a national cleaning and maintenance firm, specializing in hotel and motel facilities across the country. Rousso provides innovative PTAC restoration services to top-tier clients that lower energy costs, improves equipment condition and promotes guest satisfaction.

Our Steam Cleaning is Affordable and offers Immediate Returns on your initial investment!

Rousso cleaning technology has demonstrated success with lowering energy use and related expenses ranging from 10% to 25%. An 80 room hotel could save approximately $4,056 dollars within first 8 to 12 months, thereby obtaining 100% Return on Investment the first year.*.

Afterwards the payback continues to multiply and your guests enjoy properly operating equipment with significantly improved indoor air quality. Quick, Efficient In-Room Cleaning
We focus on your guests’ comfort and energy reduction. We service all brands of PTAC equipment and our cleaning services are uniquely tailored to…

Save Energy Costs by improving airflow and reducing electrical power consumption.
Improve PTAC HVAC reliability and extend its useful life & saving money on your bottom line.
improve indoor air quality and guest Satisfaction.

Clean airPTAC Cleaning Promotes Guests Comfort and Improves Indoor Air Quality

We help your guests have a comfortable rest!
Rousso Cleaning Co. has been uniquely trained and experienced with hospitality businesses for many years. We offer “Green Clean” maintenance with “Speed Clean technology”, allowing us to service room equipment without major disturbances to neighboring guests. Our range of services provided is accompanied by our “Best Value Rates” plan guarantee.

We understand the value of time and resources. We can support your in-house staff with specific needs. We employ industry certified technicians and we welcome an opportunity to serve you. Our firm is experienced, certified, local, licensed and insured.

Our Proven PTAC Coil Cleaning Process benefits your hotel in several ways;

  • Cleans indoor and outdoor coils to improve efficiency.
  • Improves air flow, increasing heating or cooling transfer.
  • Cleans condensate drain pan, removing unwanted contaminants.
  • Lessens system run times, reducing energy consumption.
  • Removes mold, mildew, and dust particles for better indoor air quality.
  • Extends useful life cycle of equipment.
  • Increases equipment reliability and guest comfort.

Let us help…
Les experts Rousso
We know your maintenance staff is busy with routine daily activities. We help your property by providing the expertise and attention to detail sometimes deferred from PTAC maintenance.

Allow us to clean all PTACs at your property to ensure maximum efficiency operations. These units are often overlooked until a severe malfunction develops resulting in high energy bills and negative guest experiences. We can install new systems when you need them and maintain your existing units for their maximum life expectancy.

Avant nettoyage vs après nettoyage

We will do a Remarkable job for you! We are confident you will be please with our High Quality Results and Work Ethics.

Nettoyage à la vapeurSteam Injection
Revolutionary technology of high temperature steam injection allow us to deliver superb penetration and thorough cleaning of your PTAC unit coils. Restoring proper levels of airflow and reduce energy consumption.

Nettoyage des condensateursCoil Jetting
Our State-of-the-Art coil cleaning equipment allows us to blast away dirt, grime, dust, and debris that has clogged the fins of your coils. We remove blockages and restore fin surfaces to allow maximum heating and cooling transfers.

Propreté des lieux après notre départRoom Restoration
Upon completion of our cleaning service, all equipment and protective coverings are removed. Rooms are restored to pre-arrival conditions, absent of any indications of our presence.

Often overlooked is the fin blockages of your indoor / outdoor coil. Neglecting to adequately clean these results in High Energy Bills and Discomfort! This is where we specialize in providing Exceptional Value to your hotel.

The benefits of our service are invaluable and the financial savings are recurring. Allow us to clean your PTACs and realize that your systems can be dependable and worry free assets of your hotel.

Before Coil Cleaning

Restricted Air Flow & Higher Energy Use!
Condensateur bouché

After Coil Cleaning

Improved Air Flow & Higher Energy Use!
Condensateur nettoyé


The photos at the top demonstrate the visible effects of clogged coils resulting in low airflow and high energy bills. Our PTAC coil cleaning will correct this condition and remove the blockages to improve airflow while minimizing electrical energy use.

PTAC units that have not been professionally cleaned within one year are likely to be clogged with a buildup of dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris to similar or worse condition.

Allow us to clean all your PTAC units and restore your hotel to energy efficient operations.


  • Reduced Energy Consumption Costs: Clean coils transfer air more efficiently, improving flow and resulting in increased energy savings.
  • Extended Equipment Life: A regularly maintained system can last 10 to 15 years, delaying capital expenditures caused by corrosion and unit failure.
  • Increased Guest Satisfaction: A/C cleaning reduces guest room odor complaints and eliminates unnecessary comp room expenses.
  • Better Use of Staff Resources: With fewer A/C calls, your engineering team can focus on other operational issues.


  • 90% of guests would never stay at a hotel with an unpleasant smell a second time
  • 50-70% of energy use comes from heating and air conditioning within the hospitality industry



PTAC Steam Cleaning has Excellent Return on Investment!

Want to demonstrate Sound Reasoning and Good Judgment to your Management or Owners? Use our cleaning service to provide care and maintenance of your PTACs that will improve reliability, extend their useful life, and lower energy consumption.

retour sur votre investissementPTAC Operating Costs
Each room air-conditioner costs hundreds of dollars per year to operate and some cost over a thousand. These costs are realized upon original installation and typically continues to increase as each unit ages.

We help Lower Energy Costs

nous améliorons l'éfficacitéUtility costs are also the lowest when the units are new, without any dust or debris collected on the coils and blower wheels.
During each hour of run time contaminants accumulate on the coils lessening the air flow and efficiency of these units. Often times this film of debris it is not visible by the naked eye.

We improve efficiency

After several hours of run time, PTAC units accumulate small blockages of air flow until overall efficiency is diminished.
Even the unseen coatings of dust, dirt, pet dander, etc… onto coils begins to diminish the manufacturer’s specified airflow.

We improve airflow

This reduction in airflow causes the system to have longer run times necessary to move enough air to effectively complete the heating or cooling transfer cycles.
These longer run times result in higher energy consumption and increased utility bills.

Specialty equipment is necessary for proper diagnosis and correction of these conditions.

Often times the internal conditions of your PTACs may go unnoticed. Attempts by maintenance staff or housekeepers to wipe off the pre-filters do not address the actual blockages on the coils themselves. As you can see from the photo below, many units have what appear to be clean pre-filters at first glance but the actual coils are compromised with contaminants and are working inefficiently.

Standard Room PTAC in need of Steam Cleaning.

nous améliorons le flux d'air
Units operating in conditions like this consume more electricity and compromise the indoor air quality for your guests. Allergens and other microbial growth may occur at this stage. Our cleaning services are designed to correct these problems with steam injection cleaning and thorough coil washing.

Typical guest room PTAC assumed clean but is actually clogged and costing excessive energy dollars to operate daily.

Our Promise

“One thing for sure is that Quality Workmanship requires dedication and commitment. Ultimately a thorough service depends heavily on the individual technician’s own effort. If you honor us by permitting us to service your needs.

We guarantee that we will give you our greatest effort. This we promise you.”