Microbiological Cleaning


Microbiological Cleaning

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What will Rousso’s peoples do when they clean up my air conditioning unit or heat pump?

Rousso is one of the only company that uses steam at more than 173 degrees Celcuis(340 degrees Farenheit) to insure you a complete elimination of mold and bacterias. With these specialized equipments Rousso will begin by covering up your unit to prevent any mess inside your house, then remove the front panel of the unit to get access to the inside portion where they will perform the following tasks:

  • Nettoyage de l’évaporateur
  • Nettoyage de rouleau souffleur
  • Nettoyage de la panne a drain
  • Nettoyage du tuyau de drain
  • Asperger l’unité d’anti bactérien
  • Lecture de la vitesse de la soufflerie*
  • Lecture des températures d’efficacité
  • Nettoyage du condenseur extérieur**

*before and after the cleaning.
**if accessible from the ground.

We will take up to 3 hours to accomplish the steps required to provide you with an in-depth cleaning. Verify what our competition offers you when they claim the same service can be done within an hour or less.


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