Rousso 12,000 Btu/h DUCTLESS HEAT PUMP


Rousso 12,000 Btu/h DUCTLESS HEAT PUMP

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Product Description

The Rousso ductless heat pump or Rousso air conditioner is our all-purpose product. If you are looking for a reliable and sober product at a reasonable price while still offering a respectable energetic performance, this product is for you.


The Rousso ductless heat pump works with an Inverter type compressor. This technology allows to continuously regulating the flow of Freon in the system by adjusting the compressor’s speed according to the demands in heating or air conditioning. This eliminates full speed working cycles of the compressor followed by a complete stop. The elimination of these start/stop cycles allows for a better performance from the compressor and to prolong the lifespan of its components. The Rousso 12 000 BTU ductless heat pump shows a 16.7 SEER rating and a HSPF of 9. Here are some characteristics of the ductless heat pump:

  • -Turbo setting to obtain heating or air conditioning quickly.
  • -Automatic temperature restoration.
  • -Two way air flow for an optimal air distribution.
  • -Chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant.



Product Features

• Inverter Compressor

• 208/230/1 Power Supply

• Cooling Range: 50° – 115° F

• Heating Range: 5° – 75° F

• Pre-charged for up to 33 ft of liquide Line

• Indoor Sound Pressure as Low as 19 dB(A)

• Outdoor Sound Pressure as Low as 46 dB(A)

• Washable Air Filter

• Econo Mode

• Programme Dry Function

• Powerful Operation Mode

• Wireless Remote Controller

• Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation

• Auto Changeover (Heat Pump Only)

• Auto Fan Speed Control

Self-Diagnostics with Digital Display

Auto Restart after Power Failure

Anti-Corrosion Treatment on Heat Exchanger

Max Piping (09/12 MBH): 49′ Length, 39′ Height

Max Piping (18/24 MBH): 98′ Length, 66′ Height