Tick tock: get a heat pump before the heat waves!

Many of us are very happy that summer is just around the corner! In addition, the heat is already beginning to be felt in several regions of Quebec. If summer is synonymous with beautiful temperatures, the summer season is also accompanied by heat waves that are sometimes difficult to bear. Because of this, many people try to get an air conditioner or even a heat pump when the outside temperature reaches very high degrees. However, keep in mind that it is better to anticipate this purchase and order your device as soon as possible.

Why is it better to order your heat pump before the heat waves?

Delivery delay

Indeed, it is preferable to order your heat pump or air conditioner before the summer season in order to limit delivery times. Like many other industries, the air conditioning industry has also been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Concretely, the stocks of heat pumps and air conditioners have been reduced and the waiting time to obtain your device has increased. It is therefore necessary to allow a slightly longer delay than usual. Also, as summer is the peak season for this industry, the demand increases and becomes very high compared to winter.

For this reason, many people request heat pumps or air conditioners during this time. In addition to buying a device, many people want to have their device installed by a specialist to avoid inconvenience. Therefore, companies that sell and install these types of systems are in high demand and their availability is significantly reduced. That is to say that it is more difficult for them to receive the equipment at the same time as in winter and that the installers have much fewer time slots to offer customers. In addition, delivery times are usually between 1 and 2 weeks, while in summer they are more like 4 to 6 weeks. Therefore, the waiting time is much longer than usual and it can be disappointing not to have your device during the heat of summer.

Additional costs

As the economic concept of supply and demand for most businesses states, costs are not the same in summer as in winter. Of course, as demand increases in the summer while supply generally remains the same, there may be additional costs associated with purchasing and installing a heat pump or air conditioner at that time. Some companies raise prices to maintain their profit margin despite rising material costs or to meet the additional costs of hiring new employees. It is sometimes preferable for these companies to temporarily hire new installers to support demand and provide more availability to their customers .

Also, given these two main reasons, it is quite advantageous to order a heat pump or an air conditioner as soon as spring arrives.

Be quick!

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