Rousso is expanding!

Rousso is expanding!

  • 17 May

Rousso is expanding!

We are very proud to announce that Rousso has increased its team of technicians in our various departments in order to offer outstanding services to our fast growing block of customers!
Our Microbiological air conditioning cleaning team now consists of 6 full time technicians on the road.

Our brand new and very professional ventilation equipment, along with two very experimented and professional technicians allows us to add the services of cleaning of ventilation ducts, air exchange units, dryer vent, kitchen vent and fan cleaning services to our customers.

Rousso now has 15 employees to service all residential, commercial and institutional businesses who are interested in having a better air quality for their family and employees!

Only Rousso, with it’s revolutionary steam system, operating at more than 173 degrees Celsius and with our specially conceived ecological products that destroy mold and bacteria, guarantees a complete cleaning, safe for people and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to Rousso, we breathe better air!

As always, we assure you the presence of qualified, meticulous and courteous technicians in order to guarantee you impeccable, professional service.

Thank you to all our faithful customers and welcome our new customers!

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