Clean your ducts?

It is recommended to clean the ventilation system every 5 years to prevent deterioration of air quality.

Rousso , se has been specializing in the cleaning of ventilation ducts for over 50 years , serving the regions of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Over time, it There is an accumulation of dirt, debris, dust and allergens, which spread in the air and heating ducts and which can harm your health. Despite what people might think, air pollution is both inside and outside the home. Indoor air pollution is made up of dust and contaminants trapped in your home’s ductwork. It is recommended to inspect the air ducts annually and to clean them every 5 years.


Our FRICTION-SUCTION-PULSION method cleans your ducts thoroughly. This cleaning method is effective for your ventilation system.

Rousso offers you professional work. We are committed to our duct cleaning significantly limiting the amount of dust and allergens in your home by eliminating the possibility of germs, fungus, mold, pollen, and pet dander that lodge in your air ducts.

Cleaning air ducts not only improves the indoor air quality in your home , but also improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling system .


As an initial step, our technicians will inspect your conduits to make sure they are free of debris. Our method of cleaning ventilation ducts is a FRICTION-SUCTION-PULSION technique which surpasses existing techniques on the market. This method scrapes the internal surface of the pipes well in order to loosen the dust which adheres to the walls. The dust is then vacuumed by the dust collector. The furnace must also be well cleaned with a brush to maximize performance and minimize consumption.


After cleaning the ducts, a disinfectant is applied and spreads through all the ducts to further purify the air in your home.


Each technician at Rousso has camera equipment in his vehicle. This equipment is sometimes essential to locate broken conduits or to find the origin and cause of accumulations of water in certain conduits.


Bacteria and microbes build up in your air ducts and can harm your health and well-being.

Our antibacterial solution eliminates them. We recommend that a generous portion of our antibacterial formula be applied to your air ducts after each cleaning. No worries, this antibacterial solution is not harmful to humans and animals. On the contrary, the quality of your air at home is greatly improved.

Rousso commits to offering impeccable service

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