Warranty offered following the purchase of my heating equipment or air conditioning. Hereby, I acknowledge having received a copy of the details of the security that is the subject of my agreement. I was also informed that the warranty covering labor, after the first year did not cover:
•    The diagnosis determining the nature of the problem or breakage, as well as travel expenses.
•    Unnecessary trips or invitations to interview (or clogged drain or any other problem freon leak).
•    Service calls related to a lack of maintenance of the insured equipment.
•    Refrigerants (freon) to replace.
Warranty workmanship from the manufacturer, after the first year, is valid only if there are parts to replace. Rousso cannot be held responsible for delivery of replacement parts as well as inconvenience that may result.

10 year warranty on installation and installation hardware (if indicated on the contract)

Included: drain, welding, armaflex, copper, support, anchor, cushion, gutter, stud, electric fillage, circuit breaker, flared pipe, rocking of the gases (except if there is a loss of freon).

Not included: diagnostic of freon, Act of God.

The labour guarantees are is covered by the manufacturer, the Distributor or any retailer.

The consumer, for the service of the device, must, at its own expense, move any equipment, fixing or bulkhead likely e interfere with the repair work. An additional premium of labour could be charged if the service is requested outside normal hours of business.

The warranty does not cover rust (corrosion), the aesthetics or the paint flaking or other.

The warranty does not cover the noise of the machine caused the son of the time by wear and tear or for any other reason. This warranty is not transferable.

This warranty does not apply to the fine commercial.

Service retailer cannot be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from a period to be specified in this warranty and any repairs cannot be responsible for any incident or consequential damages caused by the breakage or time limits link repair.

The consumer must make his (not included with the warranty) equipment of its equipment at 3 years or before depending on the need.

Maintenance should include; the overall system verification, verification of all the electrical connections, the cleaning of the evaporator, the squirrel cage, the outdoor coil, verification of connections of refrigeration and the thermostat to stop.

Rousso will stick that written contract, which committed Rousso should be noted in this agreement; the customer may not under any circumstances do add a task not donating not part of the agreement.

No wires or refrigerant line may be plugged into the walls or ceilings.

In a cottage, a single heat pump can not function normally in the top of a stairwell, departures and ongoing cases could damage the appliance, it is suggested operate from ½ hour to 1 hour at a time at maximum temperature and stop after this time.


The consumer recognizes have been warned that the displacement of the air conditioner or heat pump could cause damage and risk of breakage increases with the age of the unit and that Rousso can get responsible for the consequential that could yield.


The consumer must take necessary city permits or other.

Municipal regulations

The consumer must be informed of municipal by-laws for the choice of the location of the outdoor unit. Advisors can only suggest choices of location. Rousso disclaims any liability therefor. If a subsequent move was requested, then an hourly rate will be required to move. Value added (if included in the contract) Setup found only partly and very rarely in our competitors (for economic reasons, training, insoucience or lack of control).

Value added (if included in the contract)

Installation procedure found only partly and very rarely in our competitors (for economic reasons, training, recklessness or lack of control).

No agreement saving energy or particular comfort connect to purchase only will be recognized by Rousso, the customer purchases equipment and no promise of a recommended should be considered for your purchase decision making.

If the circuit breaker or the buyer Control Panel fuse box are no longer available on the market or non-market prices, the purchaser undertakes to provide the circuit breaker or replace its Panel at its expense.

No gutter can be installed inside the House or in a closet. Any finish plaster, moulding, etc if necessary, will be made by the client.

The customer was warned that the devices must operate at a maximum of less (-8) 8 to less than 12 (-12) degree Celsius. It is not advantageous, even for models designed for this purpose, operate at low temperature, so the consumer interest to never use a heat pump to such temperature.

The client is advised that the working day prior to installation, Rousso will ask permission of the amount to the credit card designated by the consumer to finalize the agreement. Installation is complete, the client must sign 2 slips of card and retain its copy.