Publié 18/08/2022
Frequent question answered: Should I clean my air conditioner?

The answer is: Yes, I definitely need to clean my air conditioner. To get the most out of your air conditioning unit and the comfort it provides, it is necessary to take care of it. And it requires frequent cleaning of your device.

The air conditioner plays a central role in the quality of your air, however it is necessary to protect your system from dust. These can not only reduce the efficiency of your device, but also affect your comfort. Which can be counterproductive.

These are the main answers to the « Why should I clean my air conditioner » question.

1. Improve ambient air quality.

Did you know that breathing the air in a poorly heated room can cause several symptoms to appear? Your itchy nose, your itchy throat, your watery eyes: these are examples of what you can feel when you breathe in air saturated with dust and sometimes mold.

You expose yourself to this if you do not clean your air conditioner properly. Dirty filters are not only useless, but also become breeding grounds for bacteria. For some, it even promotes the appearance of allergies.

Therefore, cleanliness is essential, especially if:

– you have one or more pets (whose mission is to lose their hair);

– a member of your family suffers from asthma, suffers from a chronic respiratory disease or has a weakened immune system;

– you have a baby or young child at home.

Ideally, according to the recommendations of Natural Resources Canada, your air filters should be inspected and cleaned each season.

However, for a complete cleaning of your system, the intervention of professionals is necessary once a year.

2. Clean my air conditioner: Eliminate bad odors and humidity.

Mold, sweat or cooking odors and fungus are very unpleasant. When these bad odors get trapped in clogged filters, they eventually find their way back into your home. And you breathe them!

Also, when dirt prevents your air conditioner from ensuring the dehumidification of your home, you quickly feel a sensation of regular heat which becomes very uncomfortable. And that’s really nice.

To save you from daily life with ambient humidity and bad smells, a simple change or cleaning of your air filters can easily solve the problem.

3. Maximize the life of your system.

If properly maintained, your air conditioner can operate for approximately 15 years. Concretely, as with many household appliances, this is the ideal way to make your investment profitable.

The simple act of cleaning your air filters, fans, and coils helps your system avoid overheating. The continuous heat in your device can damage certain elements of your air conditioner, such as the compressor for example.

Thus, you must be careful. In this way, you will avoid having breakdowns, causing costly repairs. This can ultimately decrease the lifespan of your entire system.

4. Maintain the efficiency of your wall-mounted air conditioner.

When the filters are clogged with water or dirt in your system, the performance of your air conditioner is automatically reduced. Your equipment can no longer cool, dehumidify and deodorize the air as it should.

In the end, you’re making an investment in energy-efficient air-conditioning equipment and not enjoying all the benefits it can provide. It can be really detrimental, can’t it?

5. When I clean my air conditioner I save energy.

An air conditioner that is poorly maintained must consume a lot more energy to cool your rooms. And this increased consumption has a direct impact on your energy bill.

According to the US Department of Energy, cleaning or replacing dirty filters can reduce your system’s energy consumption by 5-15%. And here, everything revolves around filters!

This is an opportunity to make big savings, even in the middle of the hot season!


As you have seen in this article, constant cleaning of your air conditioner makes a difference. These one-off cleanings give you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of your wall-mounted air conditioner:

– You breathe healthy and fresh air;

– Your air conditioner works longer and better;

– You save energy in the short, medium and long term.

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Publié 18/08/2022
Frequent question answered: Should I clean my air conditioner?

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