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How to Choose the right Ventilation Duct Cleaning Company ?

To maintain the quality of air in your building and ensure the well-being of occupants, it’s essential to regularly clean your ventilation systems such as air exchangers, air conditioners, dryer ducts, or ventilation networks. Choosing the right cleaning company for your building systems is therefore essential.

What to Look for in a Microbiological Cleaning Company?

Choose a professional company with solid expertise and qualified personnel to advise and guide you. Evaluate the quality and variety of its equipment, customer profile, and experience in the field to ensure impeccable service.

Expertise and professionalism:

Check the company’s reputation online by examining customer reviews and feedback. Use Google to read reviews and access social media to learn more about the company’s notoriety. When making contact, make sure the company is able to understand your needs and offer personalized service. Evaluate customer service and after-sales service to ensure a satisfactory experience.

Choose a professional ventilation duct cleaning company for regular maintenance of your ventilation systems and optimal air quality. It’s important to pay attention to certain criteria such as:

  • Qualification of the teams, quality and diversity of the equipment used 
  • Profile and variety of customers 
  • Company’s experience in cleaning.

Make sure technicians have solid experience in the type of cleaning you need. Choosing a professional cleaning company that knows its business inside and out will guarantee quality service.


Looking for a reliable and efficient ventilation duct cleaning company? Don’t forget to check their « e-reputation » by conducting an online search of their name. You can read comments and reviews left by previous customers, and learn more about their notoriety through the company’s social media. 

Make sure to pay attention to the ratings and comments left by customers to get an idea of the quality of their service.

Listening and adaptability of the cleaning company:

Looking for a reliable company for cleaning your ventilation ducts? Then take the time to verify if the company you are in contact with is capable of meeting your expectations. Exchange with them by email, phone or in person and ask them important questions for you:

  • Does she understand your requests well? 
  • Has she already worked with clients with a similar profile to yours? 
  • Can she advise and guide you towards the options best suited to your needs? 
  • Is she able to adapt her service to better meet your expectations?

Customer Service:

Customer service and after-sales service are key elements in choosing a ventilation duct cleaning company. You must be able to contact the company if you are not satisfied with the service received or if you have questions.

Make sure the company puts you at ease and has a good after-sales service in place. 

You must feel confident to contact the company again if necessary.

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Publié 16/02/2023
How to Choose the right Ventilation Duct Cleaning Company ?

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