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Publié 30/09/2021
How To Clean a Heat Pump

Even if you take the time to clean the air filters of your equipment often, over time, dust will accumulate not only in the fan but also in the indoor unit coil. This dust not only decreases the efficiency of the ventilation but also reduces the heat or cold transfer from the indoor coil. The signs below indicate that thorough maintenance is needed:

  • Decreased performance of the device
  • Presence of detritus visible to the naked eye (dust and mold).
  • Ventilate harder than before.
  • Flowing water.
  • Small balls of debris discharged from the aircraft.
  • Smells.

Systematic maintenance extends the life of the equipment and increases its performance. To help you maintain your heat pump, we have compiled a list of steps and some useful information.

Steps to follow to clean your heat pump

For someone who has no trouble distinguishing the parts of their air conditioner, it is not difficult to maintain the unit themselves. However, if you don’t know where to start, it’s best to contact a team that specializes in cleaning and decontamination. Here are the basic steps to cleaning your unit:

1. Cleaning the air filters

The filter of an air conditioner is as important as the oil in an engine. Constant maintenance of the filter prevents the air volume of the unit from decreasing. Filters contain dust and pollen, so by filtering the air in a room, the air conditioning system accumulates a huge amount of airborne particles. Here are some steps to follow to clean the filters:

  • Open the air conditioner boot: Before you begin, make sure your air conditioner is turned off. Open the front cover manually. The air filters are accessible as soon as the hood is opened.
  • Detach the air filters: no tools are required to remove the filters. Removal is easy, just pull the filters out of their bases.
  • Dust the air filter: gently tap the filters and manually remove any dust clinging to the grilles. You can use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that all dust residue is removed.
  • Rinse the air filter: finish rinsing the filter in a basin of warm water. You can brush with soap and a sponge to remove tiny dust residues. Rinse again with water and let the filtered air dry.

2. Replace disposable filters

Remember to change the activated carbon filters or disposable filters every year or twice a year, so that you don’t get the bad smells. This filter is formed by a very porous wall, so it helps to maintain a pleasant smell. The majority of air conditioners open from the front and allow easy access to the filter, so you can simply remove it and replace it with the same model.

3. How to I clean the indoor unit?

A heat pump can be used as a heater and air conditioner. It can be used all year round. It is necessary to maintain your unit regularly to optimize its performance. To clean the interior compartment, it is necessary to use a damp cloth inside the unit to remove dust and clean the pipes, air outlets, inlets, etc. It is possible to use a dedicated product for air conditioners if the wet cloth is not enough.

Filter maintenance also includes maintenance of the indoor unit. Most of the filters have extra pressure on the fan motor, which forces the heat pump to work harder than necessary.

4. Maintenance of the external compartment

To clean the outdoor compartment of the wall-mounted heat pump or air conditioner, it is necessary to perform two types of maintenance: the outdoor coil and the condenser (also called the cabinet). You can wash the coil with a low-pressure garden hose.

During the fall and winter, debris can enter the enclosure, which can affect the performance of the heat pump. You must therefore remove all debris. To clean everything, you can use a mixture of warm water and mild detergent.

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Sans titre-6
Publié 30/09/2021
How To Clean a Heat Pump

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