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Publié 05/10/2021
The Basics of The Maintenance of Your Heat Pump

When your air conditioner is idling and emitting an unpleasant odour, it’s usually a sign that your heat pump or air conditioner is not being maintained. Did you know that the performance of a heat pump can be reduced by up to 50% when it is not maintained? If you don’t maintain your equipment, you run the risk of increasing your electricity consumption and causing premature wear and tear on your unit.

Why is it important to maintain your air conditioner or heat pump?

Regular maintenance of your wall air conditioner or central heat pump will extend the life of the equipment. Each part of the air conditioner has its function, but the proper functioning of each part depends on the maintenance of the parts. For example, the fan prevents wear and tear and recovers the clogged filter. However, a clogged filter can block airflow and put pressure on the fan motor, which could shorten the life of the unit.

Maintenance of your air conditioner is also essential to control the quality of the air you breathe. The heat pump draws in air, filters it, and sends it back into your room. We’ll let you imagine what your filters look like when they’re not properly cleaned. Decontamination of the ventilation unit is, therefore, necessary to ensure better air quality.

Your air conditioning unit or wall-mounted heat pump may need more than a simple cleaning. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact an air conditioning expert. A seasoned specialist will make the necessary regulations!

When should I service my wall or central heat pump?

How often a heat pump or air conditioner should be cleaned depends on the model and can be found in the operating instructions that came with the unit when you purchased it. However, regardless of the type of unit you have, disposable filters should always be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks. If you have a model that can purify the air while removing odours, it should be serviced every three months and deodorized every two to three years. A wall-mounted unit requires complete maintenance every three to six years, which should preferably be done by a professional.

Why call an air conditioning expert?

The air conditioning professional has a thorough understanding of each component of your heat pump and will quickly and easily identify any problem that could compromise the optimal operation of your unit.

Groupe Rousso offers cleaning and decontamination services for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to maintain or restore the air quality in your homes. The goal of a specialist is to maximize the life of your air conditioner or heat pump. Do not hesitate to contact a professional if you have any questions.

Potential problems with a heat pump

No disconnect switch

Right next to the outdoor unit there should be a disconnect switch, which gives the possibility to cut off the power supply during maintenance or replacement.

Lots of water in the fall

The outdoor unit creates a lot of condensation, especially on wet fall days. This water can collect on the ground or a deck. You can connect a hose under the unit to direct the water further away.

Large ice cubes

In winter, the outdoor unit must regularly generate heat to defrost. If the defrost mode is not effective, ice will form on the bottom of the unit. Consult a technician.

Sewer smell

The indoor unit generates condensation in cooling mode. This water must be conveyed through a flexible pipe that describes a loop before reaching the drain pipe. If this loop is missing, or if the water in the loop has dried up (which happens in winter), sewage odors can rise. Consult a technician.

When to change your heat pump?

Even if you’ve taken gentle care of your heat pump and arranged for regular expert maintenance, your heat pump is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Here are some signs that it may be time to replace it:

  • Your heat pump is more than 15 years old.
  • Your condenser is making a lot of noise
  • You repair it very regularly, and each time, these repairs cost more.
  • Your energy bills keep going up.
  • The efficiency of your production decreases for both heating and cooling.

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L'entretien de votre thermopompe-3
Publié 05/10/2021
The Basics of The Maintenance of Your Heat Pump

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