The Importance of Duct Cleaning in the Workplace

The workplace is where you earn your living. It is therefore in your interest to have a place of work in the best possible condition. This applies to the building itself, the office space, the air circulation system and the air ducts, as well as to the employees who do the work, without whom your business would not exist.

Dirty air ducts and air conditioning systems cannot be overlooked: it shows up in energy costs, indoor air quality, and even in the productivity of your employees, who will suffer from headaches, congestion, and fatigue. So what could be more important than having clean air in your business?

Cleaning the air exchanger system will ensure that the air inside the building is clean. Clean air conditioning systems will result in increased effectiveness, efficiency, and system performance. Specialized tools are available if needed to perform the task. Also, a high-powered vacuum cleaner will suck up any dirt.

Did you know that…?

Duct cleaning at least once every three years, performed by a specialized company, is reflected in the optimal performance and energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Rest assured that proper ventilation of the space will be a win-win situation. In the presence of dust accumulation, the temperature of your unit may be affected, and its life span may be shortened.

Furthermore, proper cleaning of the ventilation ducts eliminates dust, allergenic components, bacteria, microbes, molds, germs, etc.

Our FRICTION-SUCTION-PULSION method allows us to clean your ducts from top to bottom using modern equipment. The entire ventilation system also benefits. This method consists of scrubbing the inside of the pipes to remove dust from the walls and vacuum it up. A considerable reduction of dust and allergens is guaranteed. We can perform proper cleaning in a house as well as in an office building or a factory.

Keep your air ducts free of microbes

The microbe-bacteria-dust combination is undoubtedly not good for your health.

Our antibacterial remedy will keep them out of your air ducts without using substances that are harmful to you, your family or your pets.

If we are to talk about the benefits of duct cleaning in the workplace, you will see the same benefits in terms of finances, property maintenance, and employee health and comfort.

Reduced energy costs

The elimination of contaminants in the mechanical components of air handling equipment, heating units, and air conditioning will be a real benefit to their operation. And more efficient operation means lower energy costs.

Better indoor air quality

In offices where there is no good circulation of outside air, it is not uncommon to find highly concentrated pollution. You will have to deal with dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold and microbial pollution in the environment.

And it’s no secret that if these contaminants are absorbed, staff will become ill, and productivity will suffer. The equation is simple: with clean air ducts, the air will be more breathable, less absenteeism, and more productive employees.