Rousso Group founded in 1970 is a company which brings together several decontamination and / or cleaning activities and which has been working in the services offered to customers for over 50 years.

Rousso Group offers air cleaning and decontamination services which bring together several specific activities, whether by interventions affecting the ventilation, heating and air conditioning networks or the decontamination of building structures and structures. Whether it is a service or another, Groupe Rousso has always concentrated its efforts on the health and well-being of its customers, always involved in the comfort and quality of the ambient air in residential, offices, residences for the elderly, hotels, shops and industrial and institutional environments.

During its long journey, Rousso Group has evolved in its service offerings to focus in 2013 in the specific field of cleaning ventilation ducts and wall-mounted air conditioning systems. It has carved out an exclusive place in its field through the quality of its interventions and service and has built an exemplary reputation through its exclusive microbiological cleaning process applied to wall-mounted air conditioning units.

In 2019, with a view to eminent growth in a market in demand and with a vision of a strategic future, Rousso Group made strategic changes in its shareholding in order to specialize even more and position itself to meet the growing demands of its customers. By integrating and bringing into the ranks of a specialized technical team, the company has been able to structure and diversify by adding not only cleaning activities but to extend its service offer to include decontamination microbial and sanitary of buildings and heating / ventilation networks.
Today Rousso Group has more than 20 full-time employees, 12 vehicles with technicians and qualified stakeholders, an engineering department and a management committee from different areas of expertise. The experience of its management members includes, among others, specialists in the environment, personnel management, organizational structure, occupational health and safety, marketing and financial management.

Rousso Group therefore offers, within its specialized services, air freshening services which go through decontamination activities of buildings and structures, complete heating / ventilation systems and networks, air analyzes. , as well as the decontamination of industrial, commercial and residential condensers / air conditioners.
With the expertise and experience that has made Groupe Rousso famous, we are able to help you regain air quality and safety in your contamination-free living or working environment. Whether the contamination comes from molds, fungi, viruses or bacteria, Groupe Rousso offers you all of its decontamination services not only through decontamination of structures but also complete decontamination of ventilation networks.
Today, there are several important customers who rely on the competence and reliability of the Rousso Group to maintain or restore the quality of air and environments. Whether in an industrial, commercial or residential environment, our commitment to the quality of our service, our personalized approach and our reputation follow us while we remain at the service of the population regardless of the events or situations that afflict us.
Depending on your needs, trust our personalized services, whether through our sector divisions : Rousso Décontamination , Rousso Ventilation or Rousso Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Condenser , you can always count on our dynamic team and the quality of our interventions to serve you.

Company Mission

The Rousso Groups’ mission is to offer personalized decontamination services for buildings and heating / ventilation networks. To perform these services, we use high-performance topical equipment, with trained and competent staff, to deliver work to you at an exemplary price for the services rendered. From taking orders to carrying out the work, certifying the compliance of decontaminated sites, through the completion of site completion reports certified by an engineer, Groupe Rousso is proud to offer its services to our customers.