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Cleaning – Ventilation

Esteemed Partnerships: Our Ventilation Solutions in Action

At Groupe Rousso, we are honored to have earned the trust of distinguished organizations across various sectors. Our portfolio showcases successful collaborations with health institutions, educational facilities, law enforcement, and governmental bodies, each with unique air quality and ventilation requirements. Our tailored solutions provide these esteemed institutions with state-of-the-art ventilation maintenance and cleaning services, ensuring optimal air quality and adherence to health and safety standards. We understand the critical nature of reliable ventilation systems and are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project. We understand the intricacies involved in industrial ventilation systems and offer bespoke services designed to meet the unique needs of each facility.

Cleaning - Condos Ventilation

+ 500 Syndicates of co-ownerships served

Cleaning – Ventilation
Condos | RPA

Groupe Rousso is dedicated to enhancing living spaces with professional ventilation cleaning services. Our expertise is showcased in condominiums and residential private apartments (RPAs), where quality of life begins with the air residents breathe. We’re not just a service provider. We’re not just a service provider—we’re a partner in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for homeowners and tenants alike.

Our skilled team brings years of experience to the table, using the latest technology and methods to maintain impeccable air quality. We understand the unique challenges of shared living spaces and work diligently to minimize disruption while maximizing results.

Cleaning Industrial Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Excellence: Trusted Cleaning Solutions

We are at the forefront of industrial cleaning and ventilation solutions, providing unmatched services to some of the most demanding and critical environments. Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with rigorous safety standards to deliver exceptional results that our clients trust. We understand the intricacies involved in industrial ventilation systems and offer bespoke services designed to meet the unique needs of each facility. With a track record of successful projects and satisfied clients, We stand as a leader in industrial ventilation cleaning, ready to take on the challenges of maintaining your company’s air quality at the highest standards.

Cleaning – Ventilation Municipality

Cleaning – Ventilation

Innovative partnership for excellence in ventilation and public health with Municipalities

At Groupe Rousso, we are proud to extend our specialized ventilation and cleaning services to esteemed municipalities such as Ville de Montréal and Beloeil. Our partnership with them underscores our commitment to public health and environmental excellence. Our expertise in managing large-scale ventilation systems ensures that municipal buildings, from offices to public facilities, meet the highest standards of air quality and safety. We provide comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of public sector infrastructures, delivering services that range from routine maintenance to advanced air quality management.

Premium Ventilation Services for Commercial & Hospitality Sectors

Our commitment extends beyond delivering excellent ventilation services; we forge relationships with leaders across industries. Our mission is to ensure that commercial spaces and hotels enjoy the highest air quality standards.

Our clients, including prestigious malls and hotels, trust us to enhance their environments, making them safer and more comfortable for visitors and residents alike. Our specialized team employs cutting-edge techniques and equipment to address each unique space’s needs, be it a sprawling hotel complex or a municipal building.

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